Line Fix Gel Eyeliner by Curtis Collection


This ultra smooth gel liner will soon become a favourite in your Curtis Collection! The innovative water resistant formula, glides on effortlessly offering the precision of a liquid liner with the silkiness of a gel.

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  • Highly concentrated pigment
  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free



  • Define and enhance your eyes by applying gel liner
  • Apply this gorgeous gel liner with the convenient build brush along your upper lash line
  • Begin by lining the middle of the lash line and glide out towards the outer corner
  • Keep the line thinner in the inner corners and thicker on the outer for extra definition
  • Follow with a final stroke to connect your initial line
  • To intensify your look, try lining the inner waterline of your eyes for heightened drama and definition


Curtis Collection

Curtis Collection By Victoria is a 100% Australian owned boutique makeup brand, offering a prestige line of professional cosmetics. The premier range features a dedicated mineral collection, designed to pamper and perfect, while treating the skin with the most powerful natural ingredients. The range is stocked at Elderberry+Kate Wellington Day Spa, browse through the products online and shop instore or online.


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