The Light Effect – LED $75 | $100 with serums 
Skin cells absorb the therapeutic light from the LightStim LED machine + uses it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular function + regeneration. This, in turn, stimulates the production of collagen + elastin, kills acne bacteria, reduces inflammation + speeds healing. This treatment is the answer for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and repair. The Benefits – A healthy radiant glow to the skin |Improved collagen production | reduction of lines + wrinkles |Assists in treating acne, eczema and rosacea| Boosts skin production of Hyaluronic Acid. What to expect – Non-invasive, relaxing treatment. It feels soothing (as if lying under the sun, without the ill effects!) It is a 20 minute treatment, however, allow 30 for cleanse and aftercare.

LED Membership (10 sessions) $500 | $750 with serums
Please note that LED treatment does not include massage, whilst under the light, you are left on your own in the room. With serums, a therapist will consult with you to target areas of concerns and create a bespoke mix to apply before going under the light.

Enzyme Peel $75 | 45
An Enzyme Peel is a biological peeling treatment of the skin based on natural enzymes as for example pineapple or papaya enzymes. Resulting in smaller pores, and an even skin tone.

Enzyme Peel (course of 10) $675 | 45
Purchase an enzyme peel concession card and you will receive the 10th treatment for free. 

Peel + Light $145 | 45
Alpha hydrating acid peel and LED light. The peel will remove dead skin cells thoroughly and encourage rapid cell renewal. After the peel, relax under a 20 minute LED light therapy session to heal your blemishes and encourage new collagen production.

Alga Mask $45 | 20
Dermaviduals famous Alga Mask contains alga spirulina maxima, which boasts many benefits for the skin. Benefits include a high concentration of chlorophyll, which contains a vast array of skin nutrients, proteins and large concentrations of vitamins and minerals, including B Complex and vital amino acids. This mask is great for all skin types, especially blemished skin, hydration, skin regeneration & healing and skin elasticity.

Dermaviduals FaceMe $110 30 | $175 60 | $210 90
Our advanced signature service – let our advanced skin therapists tailor a face treatment for your skins specific needs. We start off with a powerful cleanse and exfoliation, steam if applicable, power treatment massage and mask. All of these steps can be custom blended with high potency active ingredients so the treatment you receive is personalised just for you. Results are simply amazing.

Ask about our eye and lip treatments, a remarkable and beneficial add on to this treatment

The Elderberry $80 30 | $130 60 
Suitable for all skin types, our classic Elderberry facial helps re-balance stressed skin + restore a healthy glow. This treatment is bursting with antioxidant rich minerals + vitamins and uses a combination of techniques including deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration + massage to invigorate the skin. Outcome – remineralised, rebalanced + renewed skin.

The Elderberry Detox $165 | 60 with serums $190 | 60
Hydrate yourself with a Double Cleanse, Enzyme peel, LED light + Eyebrow tint + Shape!
Add on customised serums for under the LED light $25
The Dermaviduals Detox $215 | 80 with Pill mask $240 | 95
Over an hour of pure facial bliss, skin restoration, rejuvenation and detoxing is what awaits you when you book in for our new Detox Facial Treatment. Start with a Customised cleanse with Tenfione Semisomal Bath, This is then followed by our Enzyme Treatment Mask that gently exfoliates using natural enzymes found in papaya and pineapple. Your lips will then be treated to a therapeutic exfoliation of their own including our Rose Hip Seed Oil which contains Omega 3 and 6 for skin rejuvenation. Followed by a Terra Sana Mask which is a pure and natural clay mask consisting of silicates kaolin and montmorillonite (clay minerals) as well as portions of quartz, mica, limonite and other mineral ions.
The last optional step for an $25 of the Detox Facial Treatment is a bespoke Pill Mask (a sheet mask) infused with actives to help your individual skin’s concerns and goals, it will add another 15-20 minutes onto your treatment.
Lighten, Brighten & Clarify Facial Treatment  $99 30 | with light $174
Helps to even out skin tone and colour. This powerful treatment incorporating modern advances in biotechnology and peptide technology to fight signs of one of the most complex-to-treat dermal concerns hyperpigmentation.  Visibly counteracts uneven pigmentation, such as age spots, as well as overall pigmentation issues. Contains high strength Vitamin A. Using all Juvenate products
Rare earth facial  $215 75 |  with light $260 95 
This rare earth facial is designed to take you on an indulgent treatment journey towards the centre of the Earth. The facial is ure to bring skin back to balance. The treatment includes three different type of amazing masks 
Autumn special Rare earth facial 45 minutes $129.00
Add on LED or Algae mask for $50.00
Enjoy a Summer Rejuvenating Facial and add on add on a Back Neck and Shoulder massage all for $119.00
Enjoy a Summer Rejuvenating Facial and add on add on a Back Neck and Shoulder massage all for $

Soothe + Smooth $85 30 | $125 60
Warm oil is applied to condition the skin in this organic aroma massage with detoxifying + stress relieving elements. Combat the effects of a tired body due to travel or lifestyle, or recharge for a big day ahead. You will leave with your senses rebalanced + skin like silk. Ideal for those after a whole body workover to specifically target deep levels of tension.

Hot Stone, Warm Soul $140 60
Warm them bones + give that soul a lift with our deeply calming hot stone massage. Let relaxation go to your core as heated basalt stones + decadent oils are applied to key energy points for luxe restoration from the inside, out. 

MumLove $75 30 | $130 60
Mum Love is an important notion in many cultures, where equal emphasis is placed on nurturing both mother + baby during pregnancy + post-partum. If you are nurturing a beautiful bundle, let us nurture + cocoon you too. This treatment combines safe pregnancy massage techniques adapted to each stage of your pregnancy. It also helps relieve tension in your lower + upper back, while alleviating swelling in hands + feet.

Couples Retreat $160 30 | $245 60 
Quality time just went to a new level. Steal an hour with your significant other, escape the chaos + reconnect with blissful hot oil bodywork in the zen of our purpose-built double massage room. (prices for two)

Get your glow on! $99 45
This is your time to shine. Invigorate from the inside, out + refresh your skin with an all over Ginger&Me body scrub. This treatment exfoliates + increases circulation helping to restore a youthfully smooth skin.

Now that’s a wrap! $180 90
Choose to be Brave, Happy or Grateful……or all at the same time. Incorporating all of the Ginger&Me product range, this treatment scrubs + enlivens with the sweetness of lychee + guava. Then an infusion of nourishing coconut essence + a massage with enriching essences of orange blossom, jasmine, black currant, pear + vanilla will bliss you out. This is the ultimate body experience to indulge the senses + treat the skin.

Reflexology $80 30 | $130 60
Reflexology is claimed to reduce stress, increase circulation, rid the body of toxins and balance energy. If you enjoy having foot massages, this is a good go-to because of its “double-duty” health benefits. You can book in for a stand-alone treatment or combine with a foot Peel treatment, pedicure or a Soothe + Smooth Massage! Foot reflexology is all about relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet that connect directly to the nervous system. Our Elderberry therapist will knead the soft fleshy balls of your feet, work around the toes, and trace around your heels and the arch of your foot. Hot towels are applied at various stages and you can even shut your eyes and doze off…

Marma Massage $90 45 | $340 course of four
Invigorating. Revitalising. Uplifting. This Indian head massage is a seated treatment adapted from an ancient technique, working the marma points of the upper back, shoulders, scalp + face. These areas are massaged with warm therapeutic oils (optional on the scalp) + a firm rhythmic style to relieve eyestrain, insomnia, headaches, a stiff neck + tight shoulders. This treatment also relaxes + tones the facial muscles, while stimulating + nourishing the hair + scalp. Pure bliss!


Bliss $90
All the basics + soak, scrub, mask + massage

Smooth operator $30
Callus peel treatment, specifically for dry areas of the feet optional add on to any pedicure

Add gels $15
To any pedicure treatment

Gel polish removal $30
Without additional treatment 30mins

Gel polish removal $15
With any treatment


Revive + Shine $70
Soak, cuticle work, scrub, shape + shine

Revive + Shine with gels $80
Soak, cuticle work, scrub, shape + shine

Bliss $90
All the basics + bliss it with a soak, scrub, paraffin mask + massage

Bliss with gels $100
All the basics + bliss it with a soak, scrub, paraffin mask + massage



Eye works $75

Lash + brow tint, brow shape + makeover

Brow shape $30
(waxing or threading)

Brow tint $25

Brow Henna $60

Brow Henna + Shape $80

Lash tint $35

Lash lift $80

Lash lift with tint $95

Brow threading and tint $45

Brow threading and henna $45

Berry Bliss – Allow 2 hours $215
Bliss out with our bespoke Elderberry facial followed by a Soothe+Smooth massage.

Bundle Me UP – Allow 3 hours $360 
Bundle up with our exclusive treatment, Now That’s a Wrap, calm your core with our soothe & smooth massage + finish with a rejuvenating rebalancing facial.

Bundle of Love – Allow 2 hours $385 (for two)
Forget dinner + a movie, share a love of spa time together + book a spa date! Escape the hustle + bustle with a blissful Soothe+Smooth couple’s massage in the zen of our purpose-built double massage room  + Bliss foot treatments.

Bundle of Joy – Allow 2 hours $210
Nurture the nurturer with our MumLove pregnancy massage followed by a Bliss foot treatment for those difficult to reach toes!

Bundle of Beautiful – Allow 5 hours 45 mins $600
Take the day, beautiful + be pampered head to toe. Starting with our divine bespoke FaceMe facial, you will then be cocooned in our exclusive treatment, Now That’s a Wrap. A Soothe + Smooth massage will calm you + Bliss treatments for feet + hands will complete your beautiful day. A healthy lunch + smoothie in the luxury of The Living Room will carry you through the journey.

All make-up treatments are done with Curtis Collection by Victoria make-up. The range has been designed to offer simple, attainable beauty solutions + allow women to effortlessly achieve the Curtis Collection signature glow. Using the most powerful natural ingredients + loaded with vitamins + minerals, this high performing product range boasts incredible staying power, vibrant colour palettes + unique innovative formulas.

A Very Important Date $75
Special occasion make-up. Booking by Phone appointment only

Here She Comes $150
Bridal make-up, including trial, Booking by Phone appointment only

Contact us here or on 04 499 7999

We use the world-famous + revered St Tropez tan, favoured by celebrities + beauty editors alike. St Tropez gives a beautiful sun-kissed glow for ladies + gents + includes AROMAGUARD fragrance technology, which virtually eliminates the distinctive tanning aroma + applies a fresh fragrance that works in harmony with the skin.

Full Body $60

Partial Body $40

Bikini wax $39

Extended bikini wax $49

Underarm wax $30

G-string wax $55

Brazilian wax $85

Brazilian wax repeat (within 6 weeks) $65

Lower leg wax $50

Upper leg wax $52

Full leg wax $69

Arm wax $40

Upper lip or chin wax $25

Lip Thready $20

Chin Threading $30

Sides of Face Threading $30

Eye Brow Threading $30 

Full Facial Threading including Brows $65

The FaceWorks $130 60 | $180 90
Our bespoke gentleman’s facial service starts with a Hot Towel to soften the skin + open pores. Then combined with steam using a Volcanic Ash Face Scrub by Triumph & Disaster we draw out the impurities of your skin. We apply a tailored mask to your skin while we soothe the stress with a pressure point scalp massage. Then onto to the workout for your face, neck + shoulders with our signature POWER massage, aimed to firm + detox the skin. To finish we massage + clean the face with Triumph & Disaster Face Cleanser followed by a steamed towel treatment. Gameface Moisturiser is the final tool to serve + protect you against the elements.

Soothe + Smooth $85 30 | $120 60 | $180 90
Warm oil is applied to condition the skin in this organic aroma massage with detoxifying + stress relieving elements. Combat the effects of a tired body due to travel or lifestyle, or recharge for a big day ahead. You will leave with your senses rebalanced + skin like silk. Ideal for those after a whole body workover to specifically target deep levels of tension.

The Sports Pedi-CURE $85
Specially designed to ease the sore muscles of athletic + active men, featuring a soothing foot soak, scrub, foot + leg massage up to the knee, + nourishing paraffin treatment. Also includes nail trimming + shaping, cuticle oil + grooming, moisturising, hot towel wrap + paraffin treatment. (1 hour)


Eyes on the prize $30
Sort out your brows with a wax + shape. A simple tune-up + trim can make the world of difference.

Back $35 half | $60 full

Chest $35 half | $60 full

Shoulders $35

Arms $55

Legs $55 half | $75 full

Collagen Induction Therapy stimulates your skins own natural Collagen and cell to cell communication which is vital when treating ageing pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks, enlarged pores and promoting skin health. It effectively tightens skin and minimises fine lines and wrinkles.
This treatment will also help vitamins, peptides + growth factors (contained in your recommended products) penetrate your skin 90% more than normal topical application.

Individual Session with mask $350
The treatment takes approximately 50 minutes in total, the mask takes 20, please allow 75 minutes for your appointment. Please arrive with no makeup on. This also includes an Enzyme peel  and algae mask 3 days post CIT treatment. The Dermaviduals Epi Nouvelle mask is calming and cooling, helping to support skin regeneration, improves skin complexion and dramatically reduces swelling, redness, and itching

Collagen Induction therapy package $1130 Normally $1524
3  CIT treatment sessions with EPI Nouvelle masks approximately 75 minutes in total. Also please arrive with no makeup on. The sessions have to be a minimum of 6 weeks apart.
3x Follow up Enzyme peel treatments followed immediately with an algae mask 3 days post CIT treatment
3 x LED therapy treatments

Learn everything you need to know about Collagen Induction here

LED therapy

An LED treatment is the answer for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and repair.

The Elderberry

bursting with antioxidant minerals + vitamin cleansing, exfoliation, hydration + massage

Bundle of Joy

Couples massage in the zen of our purpose-built double massage room

Face Me

This bespoke facial offers you the finest holistic, no-nasty experience. Your facial will be custom designed around you + the needs of your skin.

Terms & Conditions

No cancellations or changes allowed within 48 hours of the appointment. Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. When you make an appointment for a day spa treatment with us, we guarantee you this time to take care of your needs. Where possible, you need to provide at least 48 hours notice to change your appointment or day spa treamtent. Any payment or deposit paid for your appointment is non-refundable outside the 48 hour time frame and will be placed on an account with us. This is transferrable and can be used for future appointments or treatments. Refunds will occur a $5 reversal fee. If you cancel or change your appointment within 48 hours, you are responsible for the cost of your session. We waive this for emergencies only. This is with respect to us and other clients who may have wanted your appointment time. You may send someone else in your place, just let us know. As cancellations have a significant impact on us, we need to enforce our cancellation policy and trust you understand our need to do so

Quote from one of our Elderberries

I have been getting back facials with Octavia for the last six months or so. I have always scratched my back when stressed so there is quite a lot of scarring which I hate the sight of when wearing nice summery dresses. Our first session was Octavia's first back facial and she was not quite sure what my expectations were. I explained my predicament and she has made it a bit of a project of hers to work with me to get my back looking much better. I love my visits that are the perfect combination of treatment with relaxation - and I really enjoy Octavia's company. Big thanks to the E&K team - especially Octavia. Can't wait for my next visit!
day spa
- Nicky